Toxic-Free Future’s Healthy Food Packaging Act seeks signatures

Toxic-Free Future is working on a bill to ban highly fluorinated, highly persistent PFAS chemicals from food packaging in the state of Washington.  These chemicals are also known as PFCs or Teflon chemicals.  The use of well known versions of these chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, has largely been phased out of use in the US due to their health and environmental effects. However chemicals in the same class are being used as substitutes without being adequately assessed for safety.  Convenience food packaging and fast food wrappers are a major use of PFAS chemicals, and they are used for their oil-resistant properties. A recent study showed that 40% of these products contained PFAS.  Studies have also shown that PFAS migrate out of packaging into food.  And it’s not just fast food franchises using the food packaging that contains these chemicals, we’re talking about ready to eat take-out and convenience foods everywhere that many busy families rely on in today’s world.
Here is a link to a blog on our website about the letter we are asking health care professionals to sign on to in support of the bill:
[It is the policy of the WANP’s board of directors not to specifically endorse campaigns that are not directly related to the association’s political agenda. This announcement is posted for informational purposes for our members to consider for themselves.]
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