The President’s Corner: A Fresh New Start

Hello, from the new president’s desk! I am honored and excited to take the helm for the next three years as the new WANP president. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a board member and chair of the Public Relations committee for the last five years. In addition to my work for the profession, I practice at The University Health Clinic in Seattle and at Balancing Health in Bothell, both integrated primary care practices. Some may also know me from my interest in medical coding and practice management that has led me to be on panels for the WANP and now teaching charting and coding classes at Bastyr University.

Pleased as I have been with my participation in the WANP to date, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the WANP. The last two months since the beginning of my term have been very busy. We have a great board in place. After a very productive retreat; we have formulated goals, action plans and timelines for each committee. Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the move!

During my tenure, it’s my goal and passion to take our profession from the solid foundation of credibility we’ve fought for to a broad public awareness of all we have to offer. Our small profession has accomplished a lot in the last fifteen years, insurance coverage, scope expansion, improved relationships in Olympia, both in the legislature and at DOH, as well as inclusion in primary care discussion groups. That said, we have few current legislative issues this session given the budget crisis, so we will be focusing our attention on expanding the public’s knowledge surrounding Washington’s natural medicine experts. As always, we will be monitoring Olympia, looking for inclusion in Medicaid, opportunities to advance parity issues and watching for any issues that might limit our practices.

We also find ourselves at a moment of unique opportunity to move forward. Your membership and our strong leadership over the last five to ten years, has led from the position of simply responding to misperceptions in the public and medical sector, to promoting strengths and value to the public and health care community.

“During my tenure, it’s my goal and passion to take our profession from the solid foundation of credibility we’ve fought for to a broad public awareness of all we have to offer.”

We are ready to take a stand and have those qualifications publicly announced and promoted. We’re developing a media presence to help get more patients into your practice doors. Our identity is built, our press kit is ready, and we have an office that can handle an increase in calls and requests. Now the time is ripe to make our presence known to the public.

We’ve just created a news site for all of you to have access to current and past issues. We are also branding and building a public, consumer-oriented website to better direct the public to your doors. We will leverage in the coming months to be the premier referral site for naturopathic physicians in Washington. We will be using existing funds, as well as specific fundraising to advance a state-wide media campaign focused, primarily, in radio advertising.

As always, the WANP is here to help our members practice true naturopathic medicine in order to provide better healthcare to Washington state residents. In addition, we are a model to the rest of the country and will continue to be leaders in Naturopathic medicine.

Here’s to our progress in 2012!

Dr. Mona Fahoum

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