Store: Pharmacy and In-Office Use Update

Pharmacy and In-Office Use Update


Presented by: Paul Anderson, ND

This webinar will bring you up to date on the following federal rule changes and their effects on your office:

1. Who are the players and what roles do they play?
C. Washington -Dept of Health

2. Office Use rules:
A. Non-sterile products (oral, topical etc)
B. Sterile Product (IM, IV, Nebulized, Eye drops etc)
C. Patient Specific Prescriptions

3. Injection Rules:
A. USP 797 rules for sterility and length of use for injections
i. How long can I use a vial?
ii. How long can I keep a syringe or IV bag after making it?
i. Site preparation rules for IM versus IV versus IA injections
ii. IV access device rules
C. 503A
i. When do you (and do you not) need a laminar flow hood?
ii. What are the rules for use of the hood and the room it is in?
iii. What are the rules that keep you in compliance with 503A as to the use of the hood?
D. Do I need to comply with 503B, and what is it?


Fee:  $25 State association members; $40 non-members

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