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Treatment of Circadian Rhythm Disorders – More Common than You May Know


Circadian rhythm disorders are fairly common, affecting approximately 20% of the population.   Circadian disorders include delayed and advanced sleep-wake phase disorder, irregular and non-24 hour sleep-wake rhythm disorder, shiftwork and jetlag disorders.   This dynamic class will first lay the foundation by discussing circadian physiology. Next discussion of each of the circadian disorders will include pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and treatments.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the roles of the SCN as the central pacemaker and of cellular mechanisms as peripheral clocks.
  2. Be able to diagnose the circadian rhythm disorders.
  3. Use therapeutic light and melatonin based on the phase response curve for circadian rhythm disorders.



  1. Circadian physiology
    • The central pacemaker, the SCN
    • Peripheral clocks in cells
    • Circadian fluctuations in body systems
      • core body temperature
      • endocrine
      • digestion
  2. Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder
    • Clinical presentation
    • Treatment – Phase response curve
  3. Advanced Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder
    • Clinical presentation
    • Treatment
  4. Irregular Sleep Rhythm Disorder
  5. Non-24 hour Rhythm Disorder
  6. Shift Work Disorder
    • Demographics
    • Clinical presentation
    • Treatment
  7. Jetlag Disorder
    • Clinical presentation
    • Treatment

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