Social Media Marketing offer for WANP members

WANP Members!

As you may or may not know, we have been working hard on the and Find A Natural websites for the organization and today we are working on something special for the members…

Many of our customers have started to reach out to us because they are finding it hard to keep up on their social media. They aren’t seeing results and reallly don’t have time to post every day like they know they need to.  They are wanting to fix this but they literally don’t have the time to post once a month let alone once a day.
They also aren’t posting to their blog, many haven’t even started one because the prospect of having to put out consistent content is daunting.
So we are putting together a beta program that takes the social media management and the blog writing that we are already doing for our clients and putting it into one monthly program where we post daily to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as post 1 blog post per month to their blog and then promote that post on their social accounts to help drive more traffic back to their site.
Once we launch this program officially it will run $350/mo but right now we are opening up 5 slots (2 have already been filled) at a special rate of $250/mo.  All you have to do is give us a testimonial after your first or second month, and ONLY if you are happy with the service.  And as a thank you, you will be grandfathered in to that beta rate for as long as you wish to continue with the program.
If you are interested please reach out to Rex Stevens at (253) 882-8907 or
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