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    Why we need YOU to get politically active!

    A core part of the mission of the WANP is to protect and expand naturopathic scope of practice to better meet the healthcare needs of our communities. As naturopathic training requirements, therapeutics, and complexity of illness advance with time, so must our scope! Naturopathic physicians have long played a prominent role in the primary care of their patients, and increasing numbers of naturopathic physicians are working in community health, tribal health, and rural clinics providing care to traditionally underserved populations. We believe that these doctors should be empowered to provide the full scope of primary care services their patients require, and we are constantly working with our state legislature on their (and your!) behalf.

    Any effective political effort requires extensive grassroots support, and that's where YOU come in! We need you to work with us to make sure that our legislators and other elected officials know who we are and why they should support our efforts! Politics is fundamentally about relationships. Just like you don't expect your patients to do what you recommend until you have established some rapport and trust, we cannot expect our elected officials to heed our calls if they don't even know who we are.

    This page aims to help you learn how to be a wonderful political ally and advocate for naturopathic medicine. We are here to help! If you ever have questions or need additional information or support, let us know at info@wanp.org.

    Support the WANP's Political Action Campaign (PAC) Fund

    Our Political Action Campaign (PAC) funds help facilitate face to face meetings with our state's lawmakers. While campaign contributions are by no means required, they are the primary way our organization supports the legislators who work hard to support us. These funds can assist in opening doors for the WANP and they make our legislative work much easier. Our 2021 PAC fundraising goal is $30,000. Help us get there by making a contribution today!

    3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Political Ally

    1.) Learn what Legislative District(s) you live and work in.

    Use the Washington State Legislature's District Finder to enter the physical addresses for your home and work. Memorize this information! (Or jot it down in a note somewhere.)

    2.) Learn who represents you in the Washington State Legislature.

    After you enter your address, the District Finder will show you a map of your legislative district as well as your senator and representatives. Each name is hyperlinked and you can click on each one to learn more about your local elected official, to include ways to contact them and their legislative assistants, a link to their home pages, and the committees they serve on in their respective chamber. You will also be able to identify if your local legislator is a member of their caucus leadership and what role they play. Feel free to click on the hyperlinks to explore and learn more about the lawmakers who represent YOU!

    3.) Contact your local legislator and introduce yourself!

    Use any of the methods of contact you just found to reach out to your local lawmaker and introduce yourself! Take this opportunity (now! do it right now!) to send an e-mail or leave a voice mail simply introducing yourself as a constituent. Tell them you are a naturopathic physician (or a patient or ally of naturopathic medicine). If you are in practice, tell them a little about your practice and what types of patients you see. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert and provide them with a way to contact you (ideally, personal cell or e-mail address) should they have any questions at all about naturopathic medicine. (See below for some language suggestions if you need some extra help!)

    [Pro tip: ALWAYS cc your legislator's legislative assistant. Most likely, you will not hear back directly from your legislator, but rather from their LA. Be super nice and make friends with the LA as well as the legislator!]

    That's it! You did it! You took the first steps in advancing naturopathic medicine in our state! Thank you for your efforts!

    Everything you Need to Know About SB 5088

    Why Support SB 5088 and Naturopathic Scope Expansion?

    Supporting the expansion of Naturopathic scope of practice empowers naturopathic physicians to practice the comprehensive primary care they are trained and licensed to provide.

    Increasing numbers of naturopathic physicians are working or seeking work in community and tribal health systems, providing primary care to diverse and traditionally underserved populations. Naturopathic doctors truly shine in these settings with their focus on prevention, lifestyle intervention, and whole person care. However, patients who seek out naturopathic primary care often come in on many pharmaceutical medications - some of which are not currently in naturopathic scope of practice. This leads to patients suffering because they need to maintain care with secondary providers to manage prescriptions that are routinely managed in the primary care setting. This duplication of care creates undue burden on the patient and the system, increasing costs (both to patients and to insurers/Medicaid) and often delaying necessary care. In worst case scenarios, patients must be referred to already-stressed emergency departments for care that should be easily provided by a primary care physician. The current global pandemic has highlighted the need for highly competent primary care providers, and naturopathic physicians can and should be allowed to help meet this need.

    SB 5088 and the 2021 Legislative Session

    WANP's Governmental Affairs Committee has made tremendous progress in our legislative efforts this fall and our 2021 bill officially made the prefile list. SB 5088: Addressing a shortage of primary care services by increasing the scope of practice of naturopathic physicians has two powerful and passionate sponsors in our state senate: Sen. Emily Randall (D-26), Senate Majority Whip, and Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18), Senate Minority Whip.

    This current legislative ask is much the same as it has been in years past: expand prescriptive authority to include controlled substances in Schedules III through V, grant naturopathic physicians the legal authority to sign physician-level documents, and modernize the language in the minor office procedures section of our current scope of practice law. The overall intention of our bill is to empower naturopathic physicians to provide the comprehensive primary care services we are trained to provide. This will allow our doctors to meet the care needs of their patients without having to add strain on an already over-burdened system. It will enable our doctors not only to prescribe medications in urgent situations, but also to responsibly and safely taper their patients off of controlled pharmaceuticals when those medications are no longer necessary due to the effectiveness of naturopathic treatment modalities.

    We have incredible champions in Sens. Randall and Rivers and our first hurdle will be to receive a hearing on the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee, chaired by Sen. Annette Cleveland (D-49), prior to February 16, 2021. Assuming we are granted a committee hearing, we will need a majority of the senators who serve on the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee to vote in support of passing SB 5088 out of committee. Once that happens, the next step is getting our bill called to the floor of the Senate for a full chamber vote. If the bill gets called for a floor vote, then we need to have the support of a majority of the state senate to get SB 5088 passed over to the House. Once in the House, the entire process begins again.

    There are many unknowns as we progress through this legislative session amidst a global pandemic and state budget crisis, but we are cautiously optimistic. The WANP, in partnership with our lobbyists, have been hard at work introducing ourselves, developing informative content, and speaking to the heart of this bill and the urgency of passing it NOW. We will need the support and assistance of our entire community to get this thing passed. We are so grateful for any efforts you make on its behalf.

    Check this page regularly for updates as we move through the 2021 Legislative Session.

    WANP Legislative Toolkit

    Helping you help us! Here is your Legislative Action Toolkit!

    Immediate Calls to Action for SB 5088

    Immediate Calls To Action

    1.) Send an e-mail to Honorable Chair Annette Cleveland at annette.cleveland@leg.wa.gov (cc her legislative assistant at kevin.gordon@leg.wa.gov) to introduce yourself as a supporter of naturopathic medicine and to ask her to grant SB 5088 a hearing on the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee. (You do not have to live or work in her district to do this!)

    2.) Follow the "3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Political Ally" above.

    If you discovered that you live or work in the 4th, 6th, 10th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 26th, 29th, 33rd, 38th, 46th, or 49th Legislative Districts, your elected Senator serves on the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee and we need their support! Please send a message TODAY introducing yourself and sharing personal stories of how SB 5088 would positively impact you/your patients and your community. (See the Letter Templates tab for recommended language or ideas if needed.) If you are writing to Sen. Cleveland, be sure to ask that she give SB 5088 a committee hearing. If you are writing to Sens. Randall or Rivers, be sure to thank them profusely for all of their support.

    3.) Sign up for timely and targeted calls to action through our political advocacy program. Share this link with your patients, colleagues, family, and friends and encourage them to sign up as well.

    4.) Begin reaching out to your referral partners and allied healthcare professionals to request formal Letters of Support. Our opposition is strong and will undoubtedly mobilize their contacts for letters of opposition, so we need both quantity and quality when it comes to these letters. It never hurts to ask, so please ask on our behalf. These letters of support can come from individuals or organizations. In particular, support from conventionally trained providers, addiction service centers, community health organizations, and psychiatric allies would be very helpful for us. These formal letters of support should be addressed to "Honorable Chair Cleveland and Members of the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee", to "Senator Emily Randall" (as our prime sponsor), or "To Whom It May Concern" and should be sent by e-mail to executive@wanp.org. We will collect these letters and get them into the hands of our sponsor at the appropriate time. (See the Letter Templates tab for language and idea recommendations if needed.)

    5.) When you hear from us at the WANP, please respond as quickly as you can. Things move fast during legislative session and we often don't have much time to mobilize and respond.

    6.) Join us at our next (virtual) Pints & Politics event on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, at 6:30p. These events are casual spaces where you can ask questions and share your stories and learn how you can best support our efforts.

    7.) Finally, reach out to us (info@wanp.org) with any questions, words of encouragement, concerns, personal stories (keeping HIPAA in mind!) of patients or others who have been adversely impacted by our lack of prescriptive authority, and/or any political connections you may have.

    Letter Templates
    SB 5088 Legislative Packet

    Show your support by attending our (virtual) Pints & Politics events!

    Join the WANP's Governmental Affairs Committee and our lobbyists each month to receive up to the minute updates on our legislative efforts and progress. You can learn a lot about our political efforts, ask questions, and interact with your colleagues in these casual virtual settings. Sometimes we even have very special guests!