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WANP Political Update: December 2017

Dear Colleagues, Here is a bit of news about the political issues and activities that the WANP is currently involved in. Authority for Botox and Cosmetic Products At their November meeting, the Board of Naturopathy finalized language for the rules that will give NDs authority to prescribe and administer Botox and inert substances for cosmetic […]

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A new medical marijuana authorization form is now available.

[This post is reprinted from a Washington State Department of Health email announcement.] Dear Healthcare Practitioners and Interested Persons, Starting January 1, 2018, all healthcare practitioners who authorize medical marijuana will be required to use the newly designed 2018 authorization form printed on Medical Marijuana Authorization RCW 69.51A.030 seal tamper-resistant paper. The new form is […]

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FAQ: Naturopathic Prescribing of Codeine and Testosterone Products

This is a reprint of an FAQ from the Washington Department of Health. Frequently Asked Questions Naturopathic Physicians Prescribing Codeine and Testosterone Products Since the passage of 2005 House Bill 1546 and the completion of the rule implementation that became effective November 2, 2007, the following questions have been raised regarding licensed naturopathic physicians prescribing […]

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Member Report: Volunteering at the Seattle/King County Clinic

I had the great experience of volunteering for the Seattle/King County Clinic (SKC Clinic) that was held at Key Arena from Oct 26-29 this Fall. I was overwhelmed by the abundance of altruism, compassion, and love displayed by all the volunteers involved in this amazing endeavor. The SKC Clinic provided thousands of people with no or […]

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Physical Medicine Coding – Instructional video

The attached video presentation was created by  Dr. Christian Dodge and provides basic instruction on the proper use of CPT codes for naturopathic physicians. Dr. Dodge is on the clinical faculty of Bastyr University and has worked closely with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.  He is also a long time member of […]

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A New Perspective in Cancer Research?

The September 11, 2017 issue of the New Yorker magazine has the following article that looks into trends in cancer research.  I found it both well written and intriguing in offering the perspective that mainstream research may be starting to consider the importance of the type of patient, or the ‘soil’, that allows a cancer […]

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Melissa officinalis for Herpes

Another good naturopathic product of European origin disappeared a while back. It was a small tube of Melissa off. extract in a cream base. The topically applied product was possibly the best relief for Herpes simplex of either type. The cream reduced the itch, shrank and dried the vesicles, and shortened the attack remarkably. First […]

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