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"Naturopathic medicine is one part science, one part art, and one part politics."          John Bastyr, DC, ND

The WANP is the active voice for naturopathic medicine in state legislation and policy-making.  This is essential for our profession to grow and mature and is a primary benefit of membership.  Our broad scope of practice and recognition as primary care physicians in Washington is directly due to the involvement and advocacy efforts of the WANP.

The WANP works to raise public and political awareness of the value NDs offer. This make it easier to gain support for such issue as full coverage of naturopathic services, reimbursement parity, scope of practice protection and other regulatory issues which affect our ability to thrive as community physicians.

The WANP is our professional community in Washington.  Creating a public presence for our profession and unifying our voices is more powerful and effective than going it alone.   It is much easier to hear the voices of all the NDs in the state, united around our common goals than to hear the whispers of individuals and their patients.

Your support enable us to provide you the following benefits:

And that is only the beginning. Remember, your active participation in the WANP will bring your specific concerns to bear and help shape the development of our profession. There is no greater way to influence the future of your career than to get involved with your most committed peers.