Melissa officinalis for Herpes

Another good naturopathic product of European origin disappeared a while back. It was a small tube of Melissa off. extract in a cream base. The topically applied product was possibly the best relief for Herpes simplex of either type. The cream reduced the itch, shrank and dried the vesicles, and shortened the attack remarkably.

First called “Herpalieve”, the name changed to “Cold Sore Cream” and finally “Cold Sore Relief”, when the Melissa was deemphasized and the label said 1% allantoin.

If allantoin really is the active ingredient, it opens other medicinal possibilities. However the author is in the group that believes that when one agent of a botanical is used, there may be a loss od efficacy.

In order to assist some Herpes stricken patients, Melissa tincture was obtained from HerbPharm (there may be other good sources) and a thick cream base was chosen from a well-stocked pharmacy to prepare a thin cream. There is no specific recipe, as the point is to use as thick a cream base as possible to load with as much Melissa as possible.

The resulting thin cream is supplied to patients in either a one-ounce squeeze bottle with dropper tip or an ointment jar. Applied more liberally than the original, the feedback is that it is almost as good.

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