Government Report: Covering Naturopathic Services Minimally Increases or Decreases Overall Costs

Here is an excerpt from a report by John Weeks on a survey of health plans in Maine regarding the cost of covering services by NDs:

“Those searching for the financial impact of including the integrative care of naturopathic doctors in insurance plans will find some answers in a recent government report from the state of Maine. The report also raises a next stage question.

The state’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation (DPFR) surveyed Maine’s insurers who had previously covered naturopathic services. They reviewed testimony of naturopathic doctors and patients and examined experience data nationwide on the costs of naturopathic coverage. The agency concluded: “We believe any increase in costs due to [adding coverage] would be minimal and if the services are a substitute for MD services, there may be a decrease in cost for some patients.”

Click here to read the full article.

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