From the President: A Call for Board Members

It is that time of year again—Board elections!  We have been busy at work here at the WANP.  Politically, we have been working on insurance reimbursement, prescribing rights, relations with our State Board and the Department of Health.

In the area of continuing education, we are busy planning new webinars in practice management, clinical topics and our Fall Conference:  “Pain Management in Primary Care” October 11 – 12, 2014 at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

Last, but not least, the websites have come together, and we are beginning to build a public marketing plan focused on our website – so our members get more calls from new patients!

Why am I listing all these activities for you?  Because all this work has been done by only a handful of people for the improvement of essentially all naturopathic physicians in the Washington.  While we’ve gotten a lot done, this much work by this small a group is not sustainable!

The WANP has not had an actual election in three years due to a lack of enough candidates, yet everyone agrees that all this work is necessary!  In recent history, we have had elections by acclamation (ie no ballot), and even have had to appoint board members due to this lack of participation.  We have accomplished an inordinate amount, in no small part, thanks to Dr. Bob May, our Executive Director, but he can’t take the place of a full and active board.

The WANP board has done so much, and I thank everyone who has given their creativity and a bit of time away from their families and practice to do this job for the profession.  Perhaps its now your turn to get involved?!  Let’s have an election this year!  I’ve decided to run for president again – and it would be great to have a full ballot of candidates to choose from.  Seven of our board members – out of the current 11 (of a possible 13) positions – are at the end of their terms, so we really need you!

A robust, active board is how we get things done and how we insure that the WANP represents all the interests and perspectives of our profession!  The time commitment is minimal; the passion is necessary and vital! Two Tuesday evenings a month is the only real time commitment, one for a board meeting, and one for a committee of your choice.  The rest of our work is via email and done when our schedules allow.  You do not need to be in Seattle, we now hold remote meetings via webinar making it possible for members all over Washington to participate.  Please consider representing your corner of Washington!

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