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CE Update – Save the Date – October 11 – 12, 2014

The WANP is offering a two-day clinical conference this Fall at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

This year’s program is entitled “Pain Management in Naturopathic Practice” and below is a tentative list of speakers and topics:


  • Christian Dodge, ND – Diagnosing and Managing Pain in a Primary Care Practice
  • Michael Brown, MD – An Introduction to Dry Needling
  • Dawn Ipsen, PharmD – Review of Non-Opiate Pain Medications
  • Letitia Dick, ND – Naturopathic Management of Acute and Chronic Pain, and Withdrawing Patients from Medications
  • Chris Kleronomos, ARNP, DAOM – Herbs for Chronic Pain, and An Introduction to Apitherapy
  • Jake Felice, ND – The Science of Medical Cannabis


Washington Vaccine Association (WVA)

The WVA facilitates universal purchase of vaccines for all the children of Washington state. By collecting payments from health plans, insurers, and other payers and remitting the funds to the state, the WVA makes it possible for:

      • Physicians, clinics, and hospitals to receive state-supplied vaccines at no charge.
      • All children to have easy access to critical vaccines.
      • All payers to participate in one of the most efficient, cost-effective systems in the country for purchasing and distributing childhood vaccines.

For more information, please visit their website at www.wavaccine.org.


Washington Department of Health – Naturopathy Program

Two new links with information about naturpathic prescriptive authority.

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