(CEUs) WANP Clinical Conference 2015: Naturopathic Perspectives on Cardiometabolic Health

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Sarah Speck, MD We now know that atherosclerosis which is the chief reason behind the leading cause of death in the US, heart attacks and strokes, starts very early in life. Traditional risk factors can be identified throughout life and if addressed with vigor can prevent and in some cases reverse heart disease. Newer risk […]

Decker Weiss, ND Metabolic Syndrome can be both fueled and healed in part by the HPA Axis. It is apparent that an imbalance in the HPA axis limits the ability to treat, manage, and reverse metabolic syndrome. Genetics are also a part of both the status of the HPA axis, and the propensity to develop […]

Jared Zeff, ND Dr. Zeff will present several cases that demonstrate a traditional approach to some cardiac problems, including how to use the acoustic cardiogram for functional assessment and a reconsideration of lab tests in cardiovascular evaluation.   Listen   Download Download PowerPoint Presentation Download MP3 *(right click the link and click “Save As…” or […]

Valerie Ferdinand, ND The road to cardiovascular disease has many milestones; identifying issues early on may help you get your patients off this road to nowhere. In this presentation we will discuss some of the science behind single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) involved in the predisposition to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. We will […]

Paul Anderson, ND The heart has more mitochondria than any other tissue. In the pathogenesis and advancement of heart disease mitochondrial function is one key to effective therapies and improved outcomes. In addition to the heart and its dependence on mitochondrial function there is a connection between mitochondria and metabolic syndrome which will be discussed. […]

Paul Anderson, ND This presentation will update the attendee about prescription and natural therapies for diabetic patients. While time will not allow an encyclopedic presentation on the topic the scope will include the most common as well as newest medications.   Listen   Download Download PowerPoint Presentation Download MP3 *(right click the link and click […]