Space Available in Mount Lake Terrace

YOU – An independent provider in need of clinic space.

US – We are Waldron Chiropractic in the heart of downtown Mountlake Terrace.  Dr Waldron has a goal to transform the current commercial space to host a more broad base of health care options to the community.  He plans to rename and re-brand what has only been a chiropractic clinic into Town Center Health & Wellness. With the upcoming light rail project, several mixed-use buildings under construction and municipal rezone and design standards in the works, Town Center Health and Wellness will serve a rapidly growing community.


In addition to chiropractic and massage therapy, we are pleased to announce

Dr. Amber Content, ND officially opens her practice in part of the space this July.   We currently have 3 unoccupied offices/rooms and another 2 that could be considered if needed.

Please submit letters of interest to

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