Seeking Physical Medicine ND (Sebastopol, CA)

Physical Medicine Doctor Recruitment

Our center is seeking a full-timeĀ  ND or DO specializing in physical medicine as their primary practice with a passion for correcting structural, tissue, and neurofascial concerns using MET/MES, OMT, strain/counterstrain, CST, visceral manipulation, neural therapy, trigger point therapy, and/or prolotherapy, amidst their own specialty care. Prolotherapy and regenerative medicine skill is of specific interest in this position.

This is a unique opportunity for a motivated and skilled practitioner to build a solid, thriving practice with high internal referrals, collaborative care with our integrative medicine physicians, and low competition in the community.

We are an integrative medical center in beautiful Sonoma County, a well-established and respected fixture in the community with a strong 25 year reputation for integrative medicine, excellent practitioners, and a high standard of personalized healthcare.

Fee for service group practice setting with a large onsite supplement pharmacy (including herbal medicine production), full on-site lab with phlebotomy, and an advanced IV suite. Services include acupuncture, integrative family medicine, FSM, PRP, ozone therapy, integrative oncology, functional medicine, and complex chronic illness. We enjoy a healthy culture, consistent open communication, and full support staff.

Please provide a letter of interest detailing your practice focus, including your CV, to

Our doctors and community look forward to welcoming you!

Hill Park Integrative Medical Center, Sebastapol, California

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