Seeking ND for established practice (Federal Way)

Federal Way Naturopathy is seeking an ND to complement our busy group of physicians. We are an established clinic of 20 years with 5 experienced female ND’s, an Lac, 2 RN’s and an MA. Our  staff members have been with us an average of more than 10 years. Our clinical practice model provides full billing, front, and back office support staff so that our doctors can focus on what they do best. We utilize an efficient, updated EMR with friendly patient portal.

Our ideal candidate is a doctor who offers something new to our patient population. A specialty in pain management, men’s health, homeopathy, genetic testing, or other is a plus. Doctors that are bilingual, of color, and LGBTQ individuals are particularly encouraged to apply. Salary is paid via percentage of patient care and dispensary income.
For more information on about our clinic, please look at
To enquire about the job or forward a resume, please contact: Beth DiDomenico, ND at
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