Resident/Associate Needed (Seattle)

Great opportunity for the right person! 29 year practice, extremely busy needs a second doc. Practice is primary care, structural medicine and neurofeedback combined with neurotransmitters, endocrine work and some counseling. Manual skills an absolute must! Doc ready to start cutting back practice in 1-2 years (too much activism coming along, needs more time, if you catch my drift) retire in 4-5. Incoming doc would earn 50% of the lowest assessed practice price earned over 4-5 years of working together. Terms to be negotiated. Practice building mentoring, skills taught for manipulation, neurofeedback, primary care. Practice collects approx 20k/mo. with a three day week. Pay scale negotiable, either flat monthly or percentage. This is not a temporary position, I am looking for a long term associate to take over the practice. Doc will be around for the next few years to insure smooth transition. Send resume and possible start date to

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