Office and sublet available in Wallingford Healing Arts Cooperative, Seattle.

Join our community of integrative practitioners at Alder Grove Healing Arts Center located in the heart of Wallingford neighborhood. We haven’t had a room available in over 3 years! We are a very tight knit group looking for our next member to join our collaborative community. We strive for and celebrate diversity of gender, race, culture and ethnicity.

We are a mix of naturopaths, counselors, body therapists and acupuncturists in a cooperative setting. We hold a monthly meeting, social happy hours and quarterly potluck dinners which have really bonded our group together. This is a unique opportunity to join our group, not just rent a room. We share in the decisions in a consensus based style and work collaboratively in shared tasks as well as patient/client collaborations and referrals.

We are a membership group of 10, looking for our 10th office to be rented out. You have the option to join our community as a member, or rent a room and not join the cooperative. It has south facing windows and a private deck. Our space includes a conference room, a back office/lab area, kitchen and a large patio. We are accessible with an elevator, accessible parking and bathrooms, a large waiting room and a parking lot.

There are also a couple of offices available for sublet. One is set up with a massage table and desk, the other has a desk, couch and sink.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and tell us more about you!

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