ND Position in Port Townsend

We are seeking a licensed natural practitioner (ND, DO, ARNP, or MD) to join our practice who is interested in practicing evidence-based, functional medicine model in a primary care capacity for the Olympic peninsula community. At Prosper Natural Health we provide team care to our patients in that a patient panel is shared by the practice. On the job training and collaboration with other practitioners is expected.

Job Type: Employee. Starting part-time 2-3 half days a week, growing into a full time position. Compensation based on amount of patient visits and experience.
• Currently licensed as ND, DO, ARNP, or MD in the state of WA
• Interest in functional medical model and comfortable with holistic medicine model as well as understanding conventional medical approach for PE and diagnostics
• Must enjoy working with people, have a warm, likable personality, sincerely care about our patients, willing to go “the extra mile” when needed, while always maintaining respectful boundaries with patients especially in a small-town setting.
• Professional (in and out of office) and with high medical ethic standards
• Interested in continuing education and staying on top current medical findings
Clinic Expectations:
• Motivated practitioner who will work to their build client base through patient education talks and willingness to see acute patients in need
• Punctual, thorough, and accurate charting
• Responsive to patient questions and refill requests while maintaining appropriate boundaries
• Professional dress when in office (business casual)
• Kindness and compassion for staff and clients
Our Clinic:
• Safe, friendly, team oriented work environment
• Administrative staffing, billing services, scheduling service
• Fully stocked apothecary
• Fully furnished exam room, medical supplies, and laboratory
• Stunning views of the Port Townsend waterfront
• Cash based practice

Our current ND is moving several hours away after working in our office for 7 years. She was a wonderful provider and we are too busy (booking out 6-8 weeks) to operate without another practitioner. We look to have another ND join us who can help us continue in our model of team care allowing patients excellent access to responsive practitioners.

Prosper Natural Health is a comprehensive a Wellness Center on the stunning waterfront of Port Townsend, WA. Within Prosper you will find a Practitioner Care side focusing on Naturopathic primary care functional medicine, a fully stocked natural apothecary, skilled massage practitioners, counselors, as well as our integrated movement studio Prosper Bodyworks. A wide variety of wellness education and therapeutic movement classes for students of all experience levels are offered. Both heated classes (hot yoga) and non-heated classes are available.

For inquiries, please email us at: prospernaturalhealth@gmail.com
You can learn more about our practice at our website, www.ProsperNaturalHealth.com

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