NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR (new graduate position)

• Seattle (Greenlake / Wallingford / Tangle Town area)
• Integrative Health Partners 5600 Kirkwood Pl Suite A Seattle, WA 98103 (free street parking)
• Email:

• Salary: $38,000/year (~$790 / week)
• 1st year: vacations will accrue at ½ day per month, and must be used within the 12-month appointment.
• 2nd year: vacations will accrue at 1 day per month, and must be used within the 12-month appointment.
• IHP observes six (6) designated paid holidays per year as follows: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Memorial Day.
• Clinic will pay half of malpractice insurance. The coverage specified for $1 million and $3 million limits of coverage.

• 1-year term
• Option of 1-year renewal
• Possible associate contract

• Approximately 40-55 hours/week
• Patient hours: 24 hours/week which can be made up in either of 2 ways:
o 6 hrs/day 4 days / week and 1 day of administrative work
o 5 hrs/day x 5 days and the other hours to do administrative work.
• The end of your work day is dependent on the completion of your medical/administrative responsibilities.
• The candidate needs to be on site no later than 9:00 AM to prepare for patient care, to be available to help with morning emergencies, and to meet with the supervising doctor prior to the start of patient visits.
• The end of the candidate’s day is generally 6:30 PM or later, after follow up calls, lab samples have been prepared for transport, and work assigned by the supervising doctor is completed.

• Metabolic syndrome
• Endocrine (all hormones)
• Mental Health / Behavioral Medicine

• The primary job of the candidate is to learn how to manage cases alone.
• We are focused on candidates filling their schedules as soon as they feel they are ready.
• This decision is made together, as a team, with the candidate guiding the timeline.
• During training, candidate will be advanced to higher responsibility on the basis of evidence of their satisfactory progressive responsibility for patient management and professional growth.
• Application for credentialing with insurance companies

• Must be vaccinated for COVID-19
• Minimum typing speed 65 WPM and 100% accuracy. Typing test results will be required
• Eligible candidates will be hardworking and have an attitude and mindset of modesty and gratitude
• Clinical evaluation and care of patients
• Review and explain lab testing results
• Perform physical exams
• Phlebotomy & and prepare lab orders and prepare for transport
• Suture removal, cryotherapy
• Administer injections (IM, IV pushes ie Myer’s, iron and magnesium)
• Schedule patient follow up appointments.
• Apply appropriate CPT and Diagnostic coding to complete all charting and billing by the end of the work day – to be approved by supervisor
• Attend to faxes (prescriptions, medical records, lab results, etc)
• Return patient calls and emails.
• Assure all administrative duties completed by end of day.
• Keeping up with CE requirements is expected

• The candidate will receive training in all areas of operating a general Naturopathic Medical clinic.
• Medical records, charting & billing
• Patient education: develop and send out patient education handouts.
• Basic administrative duties (i.e. Hazardous waste drop off)
• Inventory:
o Quickbooks
o Oversee pharmacy management (ordering and stocking)
o Order medical and office supplies
o Stock exam rooms with supplies
• Labs:
o Prepare lab orders and prepare for transport
o Review and summarize lab results
o Order lab supplies, keep lab orderly & neat, process lab samples
• Personnel
o Organize Preceptor program:
 Schedule students for shifts
 Arrange and teach orientation
 Supervise students
o Work Study: work with Financial Aid department in hiring work study employees

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