Hamilton E Series Exam Table For Sale – $300 (ND/ND student price)

Used 5-drawer Hamilton E Series Exam Table in good condition. Light tan/off-white metal base with grey padded table surface. No tears or stains on padding. Built in outlet. One foot rest (aka “stirrup”) is not standard for the table so sticks out a bit, but it works fine or you can order replacement parts. All drawers and manual lift work just fine. Asking $300 to be used by an ND (will post externally for higher asking price). See photos at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rsrJLIi5aC5dSJs8mT4K7OaZsEmv7UAM?usp=sharing You have to be able to transport out of my garage in White Center. The sooner the better! Email DrRoss@LifespanNaturopathic.com with interest.

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