First-Year Residency Opportunity

ICM First-Year Residency Position 2019-2020

The Institute of Complementary Medicine (ICM), located on the Swedish Cherry Hill campus, in Seattle currently has a first-year residency position available. The ideal candidate will have completed an accredited ND program and successfully completed the NPLEX board exams. Consideration will be made for an outstanding candidate who has not yet sat NPLEX, but the official residency would not begin until successful completion and application for licensure has been completed. This is a full-time position consisting of 40-60 hours per week and includes full-time benefits.
Send your CV and transcripts to Bre Horst:

About the Institute of Complementary Medicine
Originally founded in 1994 by Dr. Eileen Stretch and Dr. Cindy Phillips, ICM has become a staple of naturopathic medicine in Seattle. ICM was founded on the principle that naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine work best when combined. Over the years ICM has housed a number of leading naturopathic physicians whom have contributed greatly to the modern practice of naturopathic medicine. Our doctors strive for excellence in the care they provide and attend regular continuing education. They are involved in the leadership of the naturopathic medical profession, contribute their time to the community through teaching and mentoring students. Please visit for more information about the clinic and our hybrid concierge model.

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