1st-Year Resident

Primary Care Residency/Staff Physician Opportunity – Holistic Health Clinic (Tacoma, Washington)
The Holistic Health Clinic is currently accepting applications for a one-year residency position. But, heads up. If you only want to put into practice what you’ve learned so far, apply somewhere else. We are looking for residency candidates who are interested in learning how WE apply classic nature-cure theories and practices within the boundaries of current primary care standards for the purpose of preventing and resolving common chronic degenerative and inflammatory diseases. AKA: what you didn’t learn in school about Naturopathy–the art and science of the cure. A tall order, on both sides of the bargain, to be sure. But we’re up for it. Been doing it for a while now.

The Holistic Health Clinic has offered a primary care naturopathic residency for over 20 years. Although our three annual residency opportunities are largely geared to provide a one to two-year training experience aimed at preparing a new graduate for a successful career in naturopathic medicine, they are also an opportunity to develop the skills and camaraderie necessary to join our doctor team as a staff associate physician. And we could use one more. But to be eligible for our associate position, we require a 2-year residency experience at the HHC. This begins as a standard year one residency followed by an enhanced 2nd year of residency geared towards building a practice.
The Holistic Health Clinic, established in 1987, is a busy primary care practice serving a diverse patient population. We are a Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) accredited naturopathic residency site and have mentored, through our residency opportunity, many first and second year doctors from most of the naturopathic colleges.
Our doctors see all ages of patients and treat a variety of conditions, ranging from acute illness to chronic disease. Therapies are rational and medications evidence based, with an emphasis placed on diet and other lifestyle modification methods that target disease prevention and disease resolution. Our health care team is led by Dr. Owen Miller, our clinical director and practicing physician. We have three associate physicians and three resident physicians to round out our back-office staff. Our teamwork approach carries through to inspire a collective wisdom that supports every doctor’s patient care success.
As a first-year resident, you will receive direct supervision and mentoring from Dr. Miller. The majority of your time is spent directly supporting Dr. Miller’s patient care encounters, and learning the strategies for evaluation and treatment that he has found to be successful in reducing and resolving the common, and not so common health problems that confront his diverse patient population. Daily tasks include, but are not limited to: patient interviews and exams, blood draws and vitamin injections, patient call backs and assistance with administrative tasks, such as recording lab/scan results, managing prescriptions, along with supporting the work of our front desk and clinic dispensary. Our residents share the responsibility of carrying the office pager after hours and on weekends (rarely activated), as well as processing patient samples for send-out to a variety of labs.
Every effort is made by Dr. Miller to include the resident in developing treatment plans, discussing difficult cases, and reviewing patient management strategies with each and every patient. All of the other doctors in the clinic are available to facilitate learning as well. This residency is an amazing opportunity to see a large number of patients and to cultivate the many facets of being a functional primary care naturopathic physician while receiving one-on-one mentoring from successful naturopaths.
A diploma from an accredited naturopathic medical school is required.
Washington State licensure is required.
This is a minimum 46-hour per week position – Monday-Friday.
Annual salary is $41,000.  Start date as soon as possible.
Paid vacation/sick leave/paid Continuing Education days/In-clinic medical coverage /401(k) pension plan offered
Please visit our website (www.theholistichealthclinic.com) for more information on the clinic and our doctors.
Interested applicants should email a cover letter and curriculum vitae to the clinic’s office manager, Marsha Miller, at momiller55@comcast.net

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