A Call for ND Volunteers: Seattle King County Clinic 2014

Seattle/King County Clinic – October 23-26, 2014 – Providing FREE Dental, Vision and Medical Care

The Seattle/King County community is coming together to host the first Seattle/King County Clinic with Remote Area Medical® (RAM) in October 2014.

RAM is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to providing FREE healthcare through clinics operated entirely on community involvement and support.

While Washington is home to great healthcare services, there are still many people in need in our community. We need your help.


Working together we can have a positive impact. It will be an experience you will never forget!

• 4 clinic days (October 23-26, 2014) at Seattle Center
• 1000+ patients per day
• 300+ volunteer healthcare professionals per day
• 75+ non-medical support volunteers per day

WANP Member Dr. Que Areste shares her perspective on RAM:

Remote Area Medical started in 1985 when founder, Stan Brock, was in a remote area of Guyana and observed people there had severely inadequate healthcare. In response, he brought healthcare services to that remote area and others as well. When he realized that there were people in the U.S. whose healthcare was as poor as that in more remote parts of the planet, he began organizing RAM clinics for them as well. Now about 85% of the RAM work is done in the U.S. RAM was in the Philippines after hurricane Yolanda and it goes to areas of South America and Africa too.

RAM partners with host communities to hold a well-organized clinics in large venues throughout the country. The entire clinic is set up, functions and taken down in a matter of days. The Host Community recruits physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses and as well as other volunteers who do everything that is required for such a large undertaking.

This is RAM’s time in Washington State and Bastyr University will be participating. All NDs who would like to volunteer are welcome to sign up.

The most complete information about the Seattle/King County Clinic is available at www.seattlecenter.org/volunteers. The RAM website is www.ramusa.org It has a wealth of information. There is a trailer for a documentary that focuses on a clinic held at a NASCAR track in Tennessee. It looks at RAM as an organization, some of the logistics involved in setting up and running an event of this size and follows a few of the people who got care at the event. I saw a it last year at the Seattle International Film Festival and it is amazing! RAM also has a Facebook page and a Twitter presence as well.

If you would like to give back to your community, this is an excellent opportunity.

For more detailed information and registration information, please view the attached flyer.

Healthcare Volunteers Needed Flyer_4.24.14 Final

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