WANP Annual Conference 2015 

October 3 – 4, 2015

The WANP is pleased to announce registration is now open for our 2015 annual clinical conference: “Naturopathic Perspectives on Cardiometabolic Health” (12 CEUs).  The event will again be at the beautiful Lynnwood Convention Center (just north of Seattle) and we’re confident the speakers and topics will be stimulating and applicable to naturopathic practice.

Speakers and topics include:
  • Sarah Speck, MD – Preventive Cardiology in Primary Care
  • Decker Weiss, ND – Metabolic Syndrome and the HPA Axis: An Essential Connection
  • Decker Weiss, ND – The Necessity of Naturopathic Principles in the Treatment of Cardiometabolic Syndrome
  • Jared Zeff, ND – A Traditional Approach To Some Difficult Cardiac Cases
  • Valerie Ferdinand, ND – The Cardiac Code: The Clinical Importance of Genomics in CardioMetabolic Syndrome
  • Paul Anderson, ND – Mitochondrial Function and Cardiac Health in the Context of Metabolic Syndrom
  • Paul Anderson, ND – Diabetic Pharmacology – Pharmaceutical and Naturopathic Updates
  • Tom Malterre, MS, CN – Modern Metabolic Syndrome – It’s Much More Than Just the Grain and the Sugar 
Member prices offered to other state association members.  Register early for best rates.
For more information and registration, click here.


Webinar Recordings Now Available:

Circadian Rhythm Disorders  – 1.5 hours 1.5 CEUs

CPT Coding Essentials for NDs (Parts I and II)  – 4 hours No CEUs 

ICD-10 Basics (Parts I and II) – 4 hours No CEUs 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia  – 1.5 CEUs 

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