WANP-PAC Fundraising Campaign 2016

The WANP is working on legislation to expand prescriptive authority for naturopathic physicians in Washington.  Following a successful Sunrise Review in 2014, we have not had time in either the 2015 or 2016.  So, we are planning to bring it back again in 2017 session.  To ensure we have the political support that we need, we contribute to legislators who support naturopathic medicine.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year for WANP-PAC, our political action committee.  Please contribute as much as you can at this link and encourage your colleagues, family, friends and patients to do the same.  As of May 20, 2016, we have raised over $5800, so we are making good progress.  All funds are used to contribute to legislative campaigns and ensure that our presence and priorities are taken seriously.

Expanded prescriptive authority is important, not only for our doctors to have the necessary clinical tools to offer optimal primary care service – but because it carriers political status for the profession.  One reason that insurers give for paying NDs less is that naturopathic physicians are ‘mid-level’ providers with limited scope.  So, whether an ND chooses to prescribe in her or his practice, having the authority to do so has ramifications that are important to our profession.

If all of our members, contribute $100 we will easily reach our goal – however, all contributions of whatever size will be deeply appreciated and put to use.  Many thanks to those who have already contributed!

Click this link to contribute.  Please provide all of the information requested as we are required to report all of our donations and contributions to the Public Disclosure Commission.

If you have any questions, please contact the WANP office at 206-547-2130.

Dr. Bastyr said “Naturopathic medicine is one part art, one part science and one part politics.”  Your political contribution helps to make sure that you and your colleagues can focus on the art and science of naturopathy.

Thank you!